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Saturday, July 23, 2005

That Little Book

What will you do
when the person whose name
is sporadically mentioned in your journal
suddenly discovers that secret little book
that no one ever has access to, except you?
When you have no idea
which part he might have read,
and if, in the few pages he may have flipped through,
he found his name, written in your handwriting,
with such fondness
that you don’t usually ascribe to your other friends?

How will you react
when he casually hands you your treasured little book,
saying it fell from among the things you were carrying?
And as he hands it to you,
straight faced,
with no sign of mischief,
he says “This must be your diary?”
And upon checking that little book, you realize
that the bookmark is on the page of your last entry,
and his name on the first paragraph?

What if
he may already have an inkling
of your thoughts about him?
If he was able to get a glimpse
of the words you poured into that little book,
written as if no one will ever read it,
or even just glance at it?
And you ask yourself why, of all people,
should he be the first one to do so?
Will you be embarrassed of that little revelation?
Or would you be glad that at least he now knows?

Thursday, July 07, 2005

That Little Letter Blooper

This picture is a remembrance of that little letter blooper we committed last week. Three were we -- Leo (the budding photographer who took this photo) Marianna (the photogenic Lisa Macuja look-alike in picture) and me (in candid mode, photo-finishing our presentation) -- the more industrious and more intelligent half of the group (hehe), seen here working late into the night while the other half did not even bother attend the meetings. Tired and exhausted after finishing our report, we vent all our frustrations on a letter addressed to the three freeloaders -- with warnings of "impending doom" should they not pull their act together; but without any intention of sending the letter to them, all in the name of peace. It was just our "stress reliever" for the night. And yes, we are very nice and forgiving MBA students, so we simply saved the file on Marianna's laptop and called it a day.

Report time came the following day, and just when we decided to erase all traces of last night's sneer and satire, the letter was no where to be found! And of all people who had to discover the file, it was one of the unintended recipients -- the file was just on the laptop's desktop, with his name as the file name!

Blooper of the trimester? Indeed. Should we be bothered that he read the unfiltered sarcasms we poured out on that letter? Maybe. But honestly, I wasn't bothered at all. I found the blooper totally hilarious, and somehow, I'm actually glad he read it. =) Posted by Picasa