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Monday, February 14, 2005

Mashed Eggs, Mushy Topics

Valentines day. The air in Makati changed when nightfall came. Not that it got less polluted - though I wish it did - the Valentines ambience just made it seem so. RCBC Plaza - a high-tech building with all its hotspots and sensorized escalators - had a classic look as roses and soft lights welcomed its visitors at the lobby entrance. Starbucks had a different flavor: the aroma of freshly brewed coffee was still there, but the small round tables usually topped with books or laptops are now adorned with flowers and candlelight.

My companions soon arrived one by one, and after a small chitchat, we started discussing the most incredible topic ever on Valentines day... powdered eggs.

Yes, powdered eggs. A very appropriate topic for such a day isn't it? It was actually our report for Production Management class that was due in four days -- and we were already on panic mode. So six La Salle MBA students (you can see their pictures above, talking about powdered eggs over coffee, flowers & candlelight) met on Valentines Day. For most of us, it was no big deal. But for some, the thought of a meeting on a special occasion was simply pathetic. To top it all, our discussions revolved around such an unromantic topic: EGGS.

Though mashed eggs won the floor, there was still some degree of mushiness in the meeting. One of us tagged her date along, and another came in late since she simply had to go on a date before our meeting.

The night before was even more mushy. I received a number of corny text messages (no offense to those forwarded me those Valentines greetings), five invitations to dinners and banquets (not now, I'm on a carb diet to prepare for Chayen's wedding), a confrontation with a friend who thought I was avoiding him (is this what happens when you get too busy?), and an online chat with a former classmate who, in his own words, was feeling "mushy" and "crappy," and typed in a dash of profanities that aptly described what he was feeling (too bad there is no way to filter bad words sent through YM, unlike in Ragnarok).

Well, there is really something about Valentines day that turns people into sentimental fools. Good thing my groupmates were not as sappy as some of the people I encountered the night before. Don't get me wrong -- I like discussing life and love and the lessons learned from these. But last night was simply an overdose of slushy syndromes that I'm glad our group talked about mashed eggs rather than mushy topics. Even on Valentines Day.

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