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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas Lights

Walking along the Makati Business District the night before, I can't help but notice the lights that lined the streets. Ayala Avenue is beautifully adorned with bright lanterns. Small twinkling bulbs elegantly cascade the lamposts and the leaves of trees and bushes. The buildings glitter with their own Christmas decorations, making the grey walls alive with color.

And the brightest of all lights along Ayala? Headlights. Christmas rush becomes traffic. Horrendous traffic. The jingle of the bells are mixed with the sound of roaring engines. Christmas carols are drowned out by the noise of the crowd during their last minute shopping spree. I then felt the exhaustion of the commercialized Christmas. Too many deadlines. Too many papers. Too many social gatherings. More often than not, I just wanted to stay home and stay far from the madding crowd.

Then I looked up above the towering buildings, and saw what may be left of the view of the evening sky. Beyond the restlessness of the city are another set of lights -- millions of miles away, lighting the dark expanse of the universe for thousands of years are the stars. Their faint faraway glow amid the brighter citylights may go unnoticed -- but in looking upon them, I had a glimpse of timelessness. Of eternity.

These may be the same stars that the shepherds gazed upon while they were watching their flocks the night the angels sang. These may be the same stars that led the wise men to the small stable in Bethlehem. The same stars that gave light upon the manger where the Savior was born -- only, they grew brighter that particular night.

And these are the timeless lights that constantly remind me what Christmas is all about -- more than two thousand years ago, the Creator came to earth to redeem His creation. An eternal and all-powerful God, in an infant's body, born among us lowly creatures. And in the humblest of all settings.

This truth never ceases to bring me awe. And enough joy as well to make me want to celebrate Christmas ... and find meaning and peace amid the glare of headlights and blare of horns.

May you all find meaning and wonder this Christmas as well. =)