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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Rediscovered Treasures

There was once a city I fell in love with. I savored each day by waking up early to watch the sunrise and listen to the quiet waves on the seashore, and going to bed late at night just to witness the moon rise and cast its soft light upon the waters. I very seldom took cabs because I loved walking on its acacia-lined streets and listening to the citysounds -- a blend of roaring motorbikes and rhythmic rustling of leaves. It was almost like second home to me.

When I came back to Manila, I wrote about that city. I kept tons of pictures of it and displayed its sceneries on my computer's wallpaper that would make me relive those moments when I breathed its air. Soon enough I was inspired to write about it in a magazine. When my articles and my pictures were published, I was encouraged to write more about other things I loved. Not only about the city I loved, but also about the music I loved, the causes I loved. I have rediscovered my love for these things and my love for writing.

Then my computer crashed.

The first thing that came to mind was to save all the school reports and papers I have worked on for my MBA classes. I have forgotten about my articles -- they were published anyway. I have forgotten about my photos -- I keep them in my blog anyway. My mind was on saving all the years of hard work I put into my MBA courses. And so I did save my MBA reports and files. All others were gone.

Almost two years later, I chanced upon the blog of an old friend. And there, on one page of his blog, he gave a place for the article and the pictures I have written about that city. Soon enough, it inspired me to search for all the other articles i have written and published in the magazine where I used to contribute. It is a good thing that Gmail archives all received and sent emails, that I was able to find the emails and attachments I sent to my editor.

I then decided to create another blog (I know, I know... this is my nth blog!!) where I archived all my published works. Just for posterity's sake. And who knows... maybe it will inspire me once more to pursue writing and photography... maybe after I finish my MBA.

If you want to view the archive of my published works, just click here.