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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My Overrated Ten

Ooooh I've been tagged by Jessica Biel...

My Top Ten Overrated Things

10. Dating (the perennial search for a partner and never finding one)
9. Boracay (as if it is a paradise that you need to visit every year)
8. Nursing (now even AMA has a college of nursing!!!)
7. US citizenship (as if Filipinos there are living so grand)
6. AIM (too high tuition fees, but you can get the same MBA education at DLSU)
5. Starbucks (I find the Cowhead 3-in-1 coffee better tasting, really)
4. Kris Aquino (don't we get enough of her?)
3. Pinoy Big Brother (why do people watch a bunch of people who have nothing better to do than stay in some camera-laden house for months??)
2. Leadership books (duh... same principles written in several different ways and they still sell millions of copies!!)
1. The meaning of life (the more you try to find meaning, the more it seems meaningless)

Tagging: whoever comes across this!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Blog Monster

Yes I admit I have too many blogs.

My writer's blog (this blog).
My photo blog

Then I created another blog where to put all my recipes for cooking experiments . I did not intend to tell people about this blog because I will just use it for personal use -- I wanted to preserve the recipes for posterity's sake. =) Anyway, now that I wrote about it, feel free to visit the blog and comment on my cooking (even though you have not tasted the recipes, you might want to tell me to add an ingredient or something).

Well, I wouldn't want to mention that I have posts in my friendster blog and photos in multiply as well. But all of them are updated maybe once a month, or once every six months. But my most-read blog is this one, so I think I'll just focus all my posts in here. What do you think? Somebody give me ideas how to consolidate all my blogs! =O

Monday, May 07, 2007

Cooking Experiments

Okay so I've been absent from this blog for such a looooooooong time. Perhaps all the papers for my coursework took away my apetite to write. Even though writing these papers are more technical in nature, still, it's writing. So I shifted to a new hobby aside from photography (I've been neglecting that hobby for a while now, since I haven't been to new and exotic places lately) -- something that has absolutely nothing to do with work and school -- cooking!

It started when my great auntie Esther gave us this set of herbs and spices last Christmas. It contains almost every flavoring you would need for your cooking needs aside from the usual salt and pepper -- oregano, basil leaves, paprika, sage, rosemary, chives. So I got inspired to embark on come cooking experiments.

Then I headed to the supermarket to buy some groceries. I have been culinary-challenged for so long so I had no idea what to buy. So I bought a little of everything -- chicken, beef tenderloin, pork chop, and my favorite fish: salmon.

Now, the experiment begins. I have a small stove in my apartment with an over and grill in it, so I decided to grill my salmon steak. I placed half a teaspoon each of all the herbs that sound familiar to me: oregano, basil, parsley and marjoram in a cup. I soaked the salmon steak with calamansi, buttered it on all sides and coated it with the mixture of herbs, then put it on the grill. Then when the pinkish hue of the salmon started becoming lighter I assumed it was already cooked. I placed it on a plate, put a slice of butter on top of it and some calamansi for garnish (should be lemon slices, but for the lack of lemon, I settled for calamansi). Viola! My first grilled herbed salmon. =)