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Monday, November 28, 2005

The Story Behind the New Look

A frenzied sked this week had me looking for diversions to escape the reality of work and MBA life. I tried planning for a weekend getaway with Olive and Oliver to visit Pastor Bong in Baguio -- and enjoy the fresh mountain air that we Manila people are deprived of. But the girl has puppies to feed (at least that's a good preparation for motherhood, hehe), so the planning turned to drawing. I ended up instead in an impromptu overnight Friday gimik with Pierre, Third and Macoy, disrupting their normal evening routines and sleeping comforts (and appreciating the maximum tolerance they exerted just to accommodate my impulsive trippings). The rest of the weekend was a normal gym routine with Iam, an Italianni's dinner with my family and a window shopping spree with my mom.

Back home, I shifted to my normal but favorite diversion: blogging. I took a test on blogthings mostly for fun -- and partly to deal with my "mid-stress crisis" (hehe) -- and here was a rather revealing result of one of my tests...

You Should Get a MFA (Masters of Fine Arts)

You're a blooming artistic talent, even if you aren't quite convinced.

You'd make an incredible artist, photographer, or film maker.

Should I, really? Well, that had me thinking... the creativity of Fine Arts is a lot more enjoyable than the numbers I am enduring in my MBA. A few minutes ago, I was trying to decipher a number of financial statements, balance sheets, economic indicators and what-have-yous for my Refresher Paper in Financial Management -- the fifth of seven papers I have to submit this term. And the deadline is the same date as the big event that we are planning for our major client next week! Talk about toxic.

"You'd make an incredible artist, photographer or film maker," so says my test result. Well, I'm not quite convinced, but it did get me into the artistic mood. I set aside the 29-page Telkom South Africa case and all its financial annexes, opened my Photoshop and started working on a new design for my banner. Soon, I was also experimenting on my RGB codes and changing the shades of my blog. Upon seeing my finished product, I said to myself "Not bad for a Fine Arts Master - wannabe."

Now that my artwork is finished, it's time to go back to my real course -- and drown myself once more in financial ratios, risks and corporate valuations. Gah.

Monday, November 21, 2005


Nechie has gone wireless!

Here am I, at Starbucks Morato, using Macoy's high-tech WiFi-enabled laptop... happily blogging without the use of dial-up servers or internet cables... over the sweet aroma of toffee nut latte and the delectable taste of oreo cheesecake. First time in all my blogging history!

Ah the wonders of technology. ;)

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Something New

When I attended the convergence of Influencers International a week ago, I wanted to leave Tagaytay discovering something new about three long-time friends who were with me on that adventure. Let me tell you about them and my recent discoveries.

Beng. Having her as my roommate during the convergence gave me the chance to discover more about Beng. I have known her since I was in fifth grade, but I was closer to her sister Chayen who was my contemporary. The short greetings after church service is never enough to discern this lady's mind and heart, though you get a glimpse of both through her blog. But being a blogger myself, there are just some things you do not write about for everyone's consumption - and usually, these are the things that reveal much about you. I'm glad to have had access -- even for a short time -- to such things in Beng's mind. Things you will not see her write in her blog. It is then that I have confirmed that she is a woman of depth. Yet, despite the profundity of her thoughts, she still is shallow (o di ba, deep but shallow?). For I discovered that Beng is one of the enjoyable companions when it comes to "girl talks." To spare you the mystery, we mostly laugh about the idiosyncrasies of men (hehe) and how much we enjoy our differences with them. Everytime Beng gives a piece of her mind, I know for sure it is a "piece" can definitely make you learn and laugh.

Toto. I remember calling him Kuya Toto way back in college for he was two years my senior. Soon afterwards, I had to do away with the kuya - not that I lost respect for him - but somehow, as you get older, the age gap closes. I missed my chance of getting to know Toto during my college days since I used to steer away from people his age thinking they were a bit too mature for me. That is why, it was only through this convergence that I had a glimpse into the extremely opinionated -- almost volcanic -- mind of this individual. You would see him talking with different people, debating, discussing. I recall seeing him get into intense discussions and heated debates back in college. His emails in our yahoogroups and the exchange between him and some other opinionated movers is enough proof how passionate he is in expressing his views. And I enjoyed listening to him debate and challenge other people's thinking and stimulate discussion. The discussions were more interesting with him around, for he was not afraid to go against the flow. What an interesting discovery.

Pierre. I never expected to discover anything new about Pierre during the convergence. He has been one of my closest friends since college, and I've seen that the years have not changed him much. I saw that he is still the quiet leader I've known him to be, only wiser now. He still had the habit of asking hard questions, though they are more thought-provoking now. He still takes time for one-on-one conversations, but now, such times are more precious since they are subject to the limits of his schedule. Having been constantly in touch with him, I held no expectations of new discoveries about Pierre during the convergence. I was right. Because it happened the week after: I was rummaging through the pictures in his wallet, which allowed me to see a side of Pierre I have not seen in the twelve years I've known him. The girl in the picture inside his wallet whom he calls his "first love" is actually his mom when she was still a teenager (all the while I thought it was someone else!). And, it was only then that I realized that he had a brother (for twelve years, I lived with the notion that all three of his siblings were girls!). Sometimes my discoveries surprise me. "Imagine knowing a person for more than a decade and all the while she thinks you're the only boy among four siblings," he reacts, "that's new."

Lesson learned from all these? No matter how long you have known a person, you cannot say for sure that you actually know them. There will always be something new to discover. =) Posted by Picasa