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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Overcast skies

The avenue to the university campus grew dark. Rain clouds started to envelop the mid-afternoon sky as the sun hid its rays behind the gathering clouds. I saw them descending upon the college building where I had to meet with my former professor for a possible project. The darkness hung above the horizon for a moment while students started to run for shelter, anticipating a heavy downpour.

Overcast skies. Rain clouds still hanging in mid-air. You await the rainfall. You anticipate the downpour.

A phone call. Several text messages. None of them made the day appear brighter, for they do not contain any answers. The sky only grew darker, and the rain clouds heavier. I ran towards the building and went directly to the Research department. I heard a heavy downpour outside.

Two hours later, I walked around the campus. The heavy clouds have precipitated, soft rays of sunlight began to peak from the behind clouds. Leaves and grass sparkled with raindrops in the faint sunlight. A fresh scent filled the afternoon air. The birds started chirping their gentle melodies above the trees. Joggers commenced their late afternoon routine around the oval. Life flowed back into the surroundings. Everything was simply beautiful.

When rainclouds come, you can only wait for the rain to fall. For the matter to be concluded. Only then can you discover that the sun still shines behind overcast skies. And realize that things are always lovelier after the rain.