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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Thinking of Seven

Due to insistent popular demand (okay, it's just Pastor Bong and Beng who asked me to do this)... here are my sevens...

Seven things that scare me
1. "A cage. To stay behind bars, until use and old age accept them."
2. Snakes and sharks and any animal that bites! (even mosquitos)
3. All kinds of diseases
4. Being the center of attention (I have stage fright)
5. “totally blind” dates (going out with a total stranger freaks me out)
6. The End of the World (that’s why I want to be “Raptured”)
7. “Divine Discipline” (it can be quite painful, you know)

Seven things I like the most
1. Enjoyable conversations
2. Inspiring words (from movies, books, sermons or a simple chat)
3. The Great Outdoors
4. Relaxing Music
5. Smiles of people
6. Water (to drink, to take a bath in, the swim in, to relax in)
7. Chocolate (specially the ones with a tinge of alcohol, hehehe)

Seven important things in my room
1. The Window! (wishing it had a great view)
2. Cotton or Wool Blanket
3. Two Pillows
4. My Bible
5. My Journal and its bookmark
6. Closet Full of Clothes
7. House slippers

Seven random facts about me
1. Most people have wrong first impressions about me
2. I have eyeglasses that I don’t wear (unless my eyes are strained)
3. I can be a tour guide in Negros Oriental though I’m not a native
4. I modeled for a fashion brochure when I was five years old
5. I've a gazillion nicknames (invented by my friends)
6. I’m a published photojournalist! (hehe, proud ba)
7. I firmly believe that God answers all our prayers

Seven things I plan to do before I die
1. Dive at Apo Island
2. Visit Europe
3. Write my autobiography (even if it doesn’t get published)
4. Own a top-of-the-line digital SLR
5. Make a difference in the lives of my relatives & friends
6. Get a life insurance
7. Find true love (hehehe, mushy!)

Seven things I can do
1. Chat for hours (well, actually it depends who I am chatting with)
2. Write and take pictures
3. Swim (though I get scared when it gets around 10 feet deep)
4. Recite some lines from the LOTR movies
5. Cook a few edible meals (Wana share to me your recipes? hehe)
6. See humor in the most mundane things
7. Listen.

Seven things I can’t do
1. Wear 4-inch stilettos (I’d trip!)
2. Be totally comprehensible at half past midnight
3. Read my MBA books from cover to cover (even if it were required)
4. Sing in front of people (I can sing in the bathroom though)
5. Be on Fear Factor (I can’t do what they do)
6. Solve complex mathematical problems
7. Solve people’s problems (I can only listen and give advice)

Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex
1. Intelligence
2. Good-natured humor
3. Strong values and rock-solid principles
4. Mga Talentado!
5. Voice (baritone sounds good, hehe)
6. Smile (who wants a frown, anyway?)
7. Fashionable eyeglasses
(I don’t know why, but I find them attractive, hehe)

Seven things I say the most
1. Hahahahaha
2. Hehehehe
3. Ngyak
4. Yikes
5. Haller
6. Hala
7. Yeah right

Seven celebrity crushes
1. Jim Elliot (it’s his passion)
2. Aragorn (it’s his rugged charm)
3. Will Smith (he is so fun and witty)
4. Hugh Grant (it’s the boyish yet cultured countenance)
5. Prince William (It’s his royal title)
6. Gary V (the voice!)
7. Sam Milby (cute sya eh, hehe)

Seven People I Want To Take This Quiz
People who haven’t taken it yet…
1. Rick
2. Macoy
3. Christine
4. Joni
5. Grace
6. Liezl
7. Doms


  1. o, akala ko sa weekend mo pa gagawin? anyway, thanks for obliging.

  2. It's already a weekend anyway. =)

  3. What wrong first impressions? One, that you're quiet?:-) Hey, so when do we eat chocolates with alcohol at Max Brenner (tama ba?)? Just say when. :-)

  4. hey Beng, yes there is chocolate with alcohol at Max Brenners, you can also buy some chocolates with rum filling inside supermarkets (it's cheaper). so when do you want to have that chocolatey get-together? Any Saturday would do, except this coming Saturday since its my enrolment.

  5. what is this, two girls making up chocolate-coated excuses to get an alcohol fix?! haha... ;)

  6. Alcohol with chocolates:Definition--rub alcohol on your hands before you pick up the chocolate. :-) It'll be my first time, Aleks. Hopefully, I don't get drunk. haha. :-)

    Nechie, my next two Saturdays aren't free anymore. Maybe one Sunday we could talk about when.

  7. aleks, yes i am talking about chocolate-coated alcohol (because the rum filling is inside the chocolate, hehehe).

    beng, don't worry -- we can't afford to buy that many chocolates at Max Brenner's to get ourselves drunk, hehehe. Anyway, let's talk about "chocolate-coated alcohol fix" (as aleks so eloquently put it) when we see each other at Village. =)

  8. Hello, Vanessa. I was working on our "business", when I read your seven things and you want me to take the test (unless there's another Joni clone you are referring to). So, obliging since I have nothing to do (read: Counterstrike LAN is offline), I'm taking up your challenge.

    Seven things that scare me:
    1. Exams, specifically those that deal with numbers and mathematical figures / equations.
    2. Deranged and drunk drug addicts who carry guns (they'll shoot anyone they see).
    3. A telephone call in the middle of the night when any of my loved ones are still out, and the TV or radio station is reporting a "big tragedy" where "thousands have died".
    4. Fanatical religious extremists (they'll cut you using an unsharpened razor blade -- can you imagine how long that'll take?).
    5. Parties, where there are two or more people (I live under a rock).
    6. School / Alumni Homecomings
    7. Being too outwardly spiritual that I've become inwardly worldly (bigat).

    Seven things I like the most
    1. Conversations under the moon, atop a penthouse of a very tall skyscraper with plenty of seafood to eat.
    2. Sleeping all day, waking up late.
    3. The Great Indoors (especially when it's raining Garfields and Odies)
    4. The music of the 80's and 90's.
    5. Intimacy and privacy.
    6. Chocolate, but it's like kryptonite -- if I eat too much, I get migraine attacks.
    7. Art galleries and museums.

    Seven important things in my room
    1. My PC and its 500 GB of files.
    2. My collection of VCDs, DVDs and MP3s.
    3. My few pieces of apparel.
    4. My iPAQ.
    5. Alcohol (not the one you drink)
    6. Commendations, plaques, trophies, etc.
    7. The fact that my room looks more like a white padded cell (read: mental hospital, psycho ward) than a normal room.

    Seven random facts about me
    1. Most people think I'm crazy. Later, they'll KNOW I'm crazy.
    2. I have tons of perfume at home (a lot of people give it as gifts) but I don't use them. Somehow, I got tired of using it.
    3. I've won a photography contest, but I don't own an SLR camera.
    4. I once worked for a sleazy tabloid which required me to frequently visit the red light district. Let's just say that I was young and I needed the money (he he he). Ask me later if you want the surprising details.
    5. Being the only guy in one semester during college, my girl-classmates "used" me as a sort of boyfriend puppet (for lack of any descriptives). That includes constantly holding my hands, playing with my hair, using me as a human chair, etc.) It was nice for a while but you get tired of it eventually.
    6. I was in a movie (Regal Films)and was stageplay extra.
    7. Watching the end-time movies Distant Thunder and The Prodigal Planet was the reason I became a Christian.

    Seven things I plan to do before I die
    1. Hike across Europe with my family.
    2. Visit the former USSR.
    3. Write a book.
    4. Audition for American Idol.
    5. Write a screenplay for Hollywood.
    6. Raise a family.
    7. Find out who really killed JFK.

    Seven things I can do
    1. Do DJ work.
    2. Learn any computer program that is, ummm, "cool!" and "awesome!"
    3. Do janitor work like mopping the house, dusting furnitures, vacuum work, clean the garage, etc.
    4. Since I host a radio show, I can listen well to my guests and understand what they mean, but it takes me 15 years to get the words "Let's get married!!" (said by a girl to me) into my male psyche.
    5. Be silent for a whole day. Maybe I'll try that for a week.
    6. Invent games for a church's Family Day (been doin' that for decades).
    7. Do consultancy work -- y'know, the thing with the group dynamics, the touchy-feely-crying stuff, data analysis and staff interviews.

    Seven things I can’t do:
    1. Rapel -- not yet though.
    2. Watch tele-novelas and remain awake for 3 seconds.
    3. Diet -- hopefully not for long.
    4. Pretend that I like someone when I just feel I want to hurl.
    5. Climb the palo-sebo pole.
    6. Propose or ask someone out. I used to do it often in high school. I've somehow lost it when I went to college and started working.
    7. Iron clothes in the fast and proper way. It takes real skill to iron clothes and maybe I just need practice (wax in, wax out!).

    Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex:

    Note: I have two versions. The "ideal" one, and the "real" one. Go choose which fits best:

    The Ideal Version
    1. Intelligence
    2. Good sense of humor
    3. A high sense of ethical and morality
    4. Femininity
    5. Care
    6. Emotional Support
    7. Simplicity

    The Real Version
    1. A little dumb. Of course, how is she gonna fall for me if she has half the intelligence of a toaster!
    2. Never laughs at your jokes, but looks at you with dark, penetrating eyes as if planning something very, ummm, fun.
    3. Constantly on the edge of what is acceptable human and Christian behavior.
    4. Hates the mall and despises sales like the plague.
    5. Never remembers birthdays, anniversaries or special days like Valentines. Always insists that she can "go home on her own" and that she "doesn't need you to pick her up at work."
    6. Highly independent (in her career, in her life, etc.)
    7. Complicated -- like, you've been married for 40 years and you're still finding new things about her. Hopefully, not a younger DI lover.

    Seven things I say the most
    1. In fairness
    2. Duh-huh!(variation: Like, Duh!)
    3. That's a lesson for us all.
    4. Yeah. Whatever.
    5. No, I don't have ten children.
    6. No, I'm not an elephant in man's clothing.
    7. Yeah, right.

    Seven celebrity crushes
    (Not necessarily in order. I seem to go for some women twice my age. Hmm, bakit kaya?)
    1. Isabella Rossellini(it’s her mystic charm, plus the accent)
    2. Phoebe Cates (it’s her everything I think)
    3. Meg Ryan (wish your GF was as funny as her)
    4. Kylie Minogue (her intelligence. Okay, honestly, she's a bomb-shell.)
    5. Marilyn Monroe(No one comes close with the way she walks, talks, dances, etc.)
    6. Nicole Kidman (great actress especially with The Others and Moulin Rouge)
    7. Gillian Anderson / Carrie Fisher / Lisa Kudrow (living proof that gorgeous women can be intelligent as well).

    Seven People I Want To Take This Quiz
    People who haven’t taken it yet…
    1. Ossama Bin Laden
    2. Jerry Springer
    3. Eric Cartman
    4. Kim Jong Il
    5. Martha Stewart
    6. Simon Cowell
    7. Sarah Michelle Gellar