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Monday, November 28, 2005

The Story Behind the New Look

A frenzied sked this week had me looking for diversions to escape the reality of work and MBA life. I tried planning for a weekend getaway with Olive and Oliver to visit Pastor Bong in Baguio -- and enjoy the fresh mountain air that we Manila people are deprived of. But the girl has puppies to feed (at least that's a good preparation for motherhood, hehe), so the planning turned to drawing. I ended up instead in an impromptu overnight Friday gimik with Pierre, Third and Macoy, disrupting their normal evening routines and sleeping comforts (and appreciating the maximum tolerance they exerted just to accommodate my impulsive trippings). The rest of the weekend was a normal gym routine with Iam, an Italianni's dinner with my family and a window shopping spree with my mom.

Back home, I shifted to my normal but favorite diversion: blogging. I took a test on blogthings mostly for fun -- and partly to deal with my "mid-stress crisis" (hehe) -- and here was a rather revealing result of one of my tests...

You Should Get a MFA (Masters of Fine Arts)

You're a blooming artistic talent, even if you aren't quite convinced.

You'd make an incredible artist, photographer, or film maker.

Should I, really? Well, that had me thinking... the creativity of Fine Arts is a lot more enjoyable than the numbers I am enduring in my MBA. A few minutes ago, I was trying to decipher a number of financial statements, balance sheets, economic indicators and what-have-yous for my Refresher Paper in Financial Management -- the fifth of seven papers I have to submit this term. And the deadline is the same date as the big event that we are planning for our major client next week! Talk about toxic.

"You'd make an incredible artist, photographer or film maker," so says my test result. Well, I'm not quite convinced, but it did get me into the artistic mood. I set aside the 29-page Telkom South Africa case and all its financial annexes, opened my Photoshop and started working on a new design for my banner. Soon, I was also experimenting on my RGB codes and changing the shades of my blog. Upon seeing my finished product, I said to myself "Not bad for a Fine Arts Master - wannabe."

Now that my artwork is finished, it's time to go back to my real course -- and drown myself once more in financial ratios, risks and corporate valuations. Gah.


  1. bat ako hindi mo ini-invite sa mga gimmicks nyo? ;-)

  2. oi, hinanap kita nung friday, eh sabi ni pierre namundok -- este, namulkan -- ka na naman. =)

  3. HI Nechie, this look is so feminine! Hmm, this flower is blooming! :-) And I don't just mean the template.

  4. so girlie...

    what's this? template tweaking a new hobby of yours? hehehe...thanks for working on my template.

  5. Bong and Beng (ganda ng combination ng names nyo ah, hehe... peace!) ...wala lang... kinareer ko lang ang pagiging "blooming artistic talent" at "Master of Fine Arts" ko. =)

    so, anyone else wants me to tweak their templates and customize their banners? =)

  6. don't worry nechie. the glorious torture of MBA, like highschool, will be over before you know it.

  7. go ahead...blame the baguio thing on me.

  8. dont actually look forward to the day when the "glorious torture" will end. I'm actually beginning to like it. =)

    in lieu of the baguio thing, lets just drink to our heart's delight at cafe adriatico one weekend. watchatinks? ;)

  9. i think i thot i thaw a putthycath. sure!