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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sevens for Pastor Bong

I missed Pastor Bong's despedida at church today. As my penance, I am dedicating this blog entry enumerating my sevens for my favorite pastor (hehehe, sipsip!). Here they are...

Seven reasons why i missed the despedida:
1. I live in faraway Quezon City
2. I have to finish a Management Science Refresher Paper by Friday
3. I did not have a meal to bring to the potluck dinner
4. I hate goodbyes
5. I will still see him naman eh
6. I plan to visit Baguio soon (at makikituloy ako sa kanila ni Danielle)
7. Drawing ako eh, hehehe

Seven things I like most about Pastor Bong:
1. His sense of humor and fun-loving disposition
2. His interesting sermons and writings
3. His book collection
4. His movie recommendations
5. His cooking!
6. His photochromic glasses
7. His colorful table cloth... er, I mean polo, hehe

Seven important things I learned from Pastor Bong
1. This "Sevens" game
2. Christianity is fun
3. Under the Tuscan Sun
4. Fitness First
5. Indian Mongo Curry
6. Post Modernism
7. Chocolate Mudshake! (hehehe)

Seven random facts I know about Pastor Bong
1. Aside from the obvious fact that he's a book and movie buff?
2. He is "omnipresent" in coffee shops within Makati & Paranaque
3. He's being paired up with *toot*
4. and *toot*
5. and *toot*
6. He once lived in a Hobbit Hole in BF Homes
7. He is the "Roar of the Rings" ...hahaha!

Seven things I plan to do to Pastor Bong before Rapture
1. Get his pasta recipes
2. Treat him to Grappas (as I promised but never delivered... yet!)
3. Swap Under The Tuscan Sun paperbacks with him (as promised too)
4. Attend his wedding
5. Attend his wedding
6. Attend his wedding
7. Attend his wedding (hehehe)

Seven people I want to comment on this post
1. Beng
2. Olive
3. Aleks
4. Dennis
5. Pastor Bong
6. Pastor Bong
7. Pastor Bong
8. Pastor Bong (oops... lumampas, seven lang pala dapat!)


  1. Wow. Touch naman ako. To those who are wondering what Roar of the Rings mean, let me tell you this: you will never find out. or i can tell you what that meant but i have to kill you after hahaha. Isang mudshake lang ang katapat!

    Seriously, thanks, vanechie sa blog. i appreciate your appreciation.

    p.s. why is there a third *toot*? who'se the third?

  2. o how forgetful of you to forget the third "toot" hehe. its... *TOOT*! Remember?

    Anyway, to those who want to know about this "Roar of the Rings" thing, you don't have to get yourself killed by asking Pastor Bong. You can just ask me. heheheh! =)

  3. So Nechie, just between the two of us, what is this "Roar of the Rings"? For my other questions, I'd have to ask in person! :-)

  4. Roar of the Rings... Hmm, im guessing it has something to do with the sound of Pastor Bong's hearty laughter?

    Wow, three *toot*s :) way to go, pas! shall we add the mindanao-based *toot*s? hahaha! ;)

  5. Beng, this "Roar of the Rings" is... Pastor Bong himself! hehe, I am being vague, am I not? I can elaborate over chocolate mudshake. =) So what are your other questions?

    Aleks... "TOOT!"... wrong answer. Well, close enough though, besides, Pastor Bong does have a "Roaring" laughter. haha!

  6. gah.
    it IS a BONG post!!!!!

    Oh well, I guess there's no such thing as over-apprecation in our world.

    I'm not to keen on saying goodbye to you, the only thing that's changed is you're not the church pastor anymore (it's not the upheavel of the century). all else have remained the same. (whew, i pulled that off without getting too cheesy).

  7. olive, this is more of a penance than an over-appreciation... actually, its a chance for me to reveal some of his deep dark secrets... subtly. hehehe. Peace, pastor bong!