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Friday, September 16, 2005

Wishing for Rapture

It was but a short drive from Makati to Quezon City, but feeling the exhaustion of an emotionally tiring weekend and an equally physically tiring Monday late enrollment, I asked my classmate Leo to drive. I have not had enough sleep over the weekend. There were just too many things to do and visitors to attend to during my lola's wake. I felt like it was a town fiesta since the barangay closed half the street to accommodate the influx of visitors who came to pay their last respects. The people spilled over to the street, blocking all vehicles who wanted to pass by. Many are the lives Lola Siony had touched. Now, the old ancestral house will be empty of her laughter. Of the radiant smile that would greet its visitors at the door. Of the listening ear that was patient enough to sit through all our raves and our rants.

As I was reminiscing the days when lola was still alive, Leo mentioned the movie "Left Behind." Soon, the conversation turned to talks of rapture. I noticed that lately, discussions about the end of the world are being brought up, particularly now that the disaster keeps striking at different parts of the world. Tsunamis. Bombings. Hurricanes. Rising Super Powers. Is the end really near?

I then found myself wishing for rapture. Partly because I just want to find myself caught up in the clouds and not experience death. And partly because I do not want to experience losing any one of my loved ones again. As I articulated my desire for rapture, Leo reacted: He still wanted to do a lot of things before leaving this world. Wel, I, too, had listed in this blog, seven things I wanted to do before I die (or, if I am fortunate enough, before I get raptured). But as I read through my list, I realized that I do not really mind if I don't get to do these things during my lifetime. Except one. That is: make a difference in the lives of my relatives and friends.

Well, I guess I have to start working on that. Pray with me, that they may all come to know Jesus personally. Once they do, then I can already think about diving at Apo Island and visiting Europe. And of course, finding true love. hahaha... ;)


  1. What a noble dream. Just the kind which I am sure God will be pleased to fulfill. :-)

  2. Hey Beng... do you mean I will get raptured? wow, that would really be nice. =)