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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Blog Monster

Yes I admit I have too many blogs.

My writer's blog (this blog).
My photo blog

Then I created another blog where to put all my recipes for cooking experiments . I did not intend to tell people about this blog because I will just use it for personal use -- I wanted to preserve the recipes for posterity's sake. =) Anyway, now that I wrote about it, feel free to visit the blog and comment on my cooking (even though you have not tasted the recipes, you might want to tell me to add an ingredient or something).

Well, I wouldn't want to mention that I have posts in my friendster blog and photos in multiply as well. But all of them are updated maybe once a month, or once every six months. But my most-read blog is this one, so I think I'll just focus all my posts in here. What do you think? Somebody give me ideas how to consolidate all my blogs! =O


  1. hahaha, it think every blogger gets through this dilemma once in a while: to change or not to change (server), to change or not to change (template), etc...

    Blogger now has labels, nechie, so you dont have to put different topics under different blogs. You can just label them according to category, diba? :D

  2. hey shing, thanks for the advice. although i really dont like labels. i dont know why. maybe i have a mindset that a journal is a journal, an album is an album and a cookbook is a cookbook. :D

    anyway, thanks for visiting my site. hope all's well with you. =)

  3. I visited your nth blog, the one about cooking. Nagutom ako ha, kaya't kailangan mo akong pakainin. I'm bewildered by your ever-courageous foray into the unknown...talaga!

  4. hahaha, yeah its the adventurous side of me. watch out nalang for my next venture into da unknown...