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Monday, May 07, 2007

Cooking Experiments

Okay so I've been absent from this blog for such a looooooooong time. Perhaps all the papers for my coursework took away my apetite to write. Even though writing these papers are more technical in nature, still, it's writing. So I shifted to a new hobby aside from photography (I've been neglecting that hobby for a while now, since I haven't been to new and exotic places lately) -- something that has absolutely nothing to do with work and school -- cooking!

It started when my great auntie Esther gave us this set of herbs and spices last Christmas. It contains almost every flavoring you would need for your cooking needs aside from the usual salt and pepper -- oregano, basil leaves, paprika, sage, rosemary, chives. So I got inspired to embark on come cooking experiments.

Then I headed to the supermarket to buy some groceries. I have been culinary-challenged for so long so I had no idea what to buy. So I bought a little of everything -- chicken, beef tenderloin, pork chop, and my favorite fish: salmon.

Now, the experiment begins. I have a small stove in my apartment with an over and grill in it, so I decided to grill my salmon steak. I placed half a teaspoon each of all the herbs that sound familiar to me: oregano, basil, parsley and marjoram in a cup. I soaked the salmon steak with calamansi, buttered it on all sides and coated it with the mixture of herbs, then put it on the grill. Then when the pinkish hue of the salmon started becoming lighter I assumed it was already cooked. I placed it on a plate, put a slice of butter on top of it and some calamansi for garnish (should be lemon slices, but for the lack of lemon, I settled for calamansi). Viola! My first grilled herbed salmon. =)


  1. You should try Curry Calamari if you're into squid and cuttlefish. I tried buying all the spices for it at the grocery but unfortunately when I stopped by the seafood section, they ran out of squid or calamari. Shrimp is too expensive. A more economical choice would be tahong. Boil them up to get them to open their shells, scoop up the meat and then sautee with butter, garlic and ginger and then add your curry mixed with coconut milk. Just add some carrots, bell peppers and potatoes (or if you're from the Shire, taters). I had a lot of cooking experience when I was unemployed for almost a year. It was a great time to experiment -- and to eat, of course.

  2. hey joni! thanks for the recipe. I'll try that one of these days when I get to go back to the supermarket and buy those tahongs and taters. i did another cooking experiment, this time with shrimps. Its in my cooking blog . yes, I know I have too many blogs. I need to choose one for my payperpost account but i havent been updating them much.